October 27, 2021

6 Simple But Effective Ways to Practice Mindfulness

Mindfulness seems to be a major buzzword in our present world. Many people aspire to practice this as they go about their daily activities. However, there is a wrong assumption about mindfulness being a difficult phenomenon that requires commitment, time, buying a new cloth, or some special effort. These, however, are not true as mindfulness is possible for all, no matter how busy we tend to be.

Understanding what mindfulness is can make a huge difference in our approach. In simple terms, mindfulness involves rapt attention to the moment with curiosity and without judgment. It is a tool that can bring one back to the moment when one is fixated on the past or worried about the future. It helps make sense of the moment when we are fantasizing, regretting, or stressed up rather than engaging with the moment.


The ability to snap out of the worry and turmoil of the mind and fixate on the present allows us to make reasonable choices. Mindfulness as a tool comes with a series of benefits like stress relief, improved sleep, reduced anxiety, and overall health upgrade.

Here are six simple and practical tips for practicing mindfulness

Be in Tune With Your Body

The body is programmed to function without involving you. Breathing, blood flow, and other body functions go on no matter what you are up to. However, many times, the body is trying to communicate with humans by sending clues through sensations. As a result, it makes sense to pause and check-in with the body at times.

What do you notice when you check-in? Is there any tension build-up anywhere? Or Are there any aches or injuries? Directing your attention to your body can help bring you to the present while connecting you with info essential to care for your body.

Use CBD Products

One of the issues many people have with mindfulness is the focus. The human mind is programmed to wander, so it is not surprising that people give up when it is difficult to focus.

CBD is a natural substance gotten from the hemp plant that can address this. It comes with many health benefits, and one of them is the ability to induce focus in users. CBD is beneficial in practicing mindfulness, and one can buy high quality hash in canada products from nearby stores.

Travel or Vary Your Routine

Traveling is essential and feels incredibly awesome. Being in a new and unfamiliar place makes you mindful of your environment as you become more aware. It is expected as this is new territory with many things to explore. As a result, you need time to soak in the smell, sight, sound, etc.

While in such a place, the senses will be active, relieving you from being carried away in your mind. If you have no immediate plans for travel, varying your routine might help.

In other words, take a different route to work, visit a new grocery store, try something you always wanted to do, like volunteering or cooking a new recipe.

Photo by Kelvin Valerio from Pexels

Accept Your Weak Points

No one is perfect, so there will be mistakes. However, being unaware of one’s error can rob one of detecting essential things and the ability to see the true potential.

Rather than ignoring mistakes, examine them mindfully, which allows you to learn from them. Know your weak points and work on them. Reach out for help; if you cannot solve your problem, reach out to trustworthy persons.

Consider Small Steps

Rome was not built in a day, goes the famous saying so; your dream will also take time. With this, ensure your plan for success involves small steps.

Quality should supersede quantity in your quest. Rushing or looking for shortcuts will do more harm than good, which will affect the essence of the entire journey.

Ensure you always have breaks from working. Don’t ditch the opportunity to go on a weekend trip with your family and friends. Have small targets and celebrate achievements.

Avoid the euphoria of a lavish lifestyle that will probably deviate you from your goal. Success does not come overnight, so celebrate the small wins.

Take a Walk in Nature

Taking a walk is a therapeutic exercise with a series of health benefits. Many people live their life on autopilot. They have the same routine almost every day, even at work, so they are not present or part of the process. An easy way out of this is via going for a walk. It snaps you out of the autopilot lifestyle, as it presents an opportunity to appreciate nature at its best – the birds singing, the effect of wind on your skin, etc.

Even if walking in nature seems out of your reach, a quiet walk in the garden, down a silent hallway, or a street can put you in perspective.

As you walk, direct your attention to the movement of your feet. Take note of the rhythmic movement of the legs alongside other body parts.

Photo by Elina Fairytale from Pexels


As examined in this article, mindfulness is more of a way of life than an occasional experience. One can include mindfulness as part of one’s habit, which comes with a series of benefits.

For everyone confused about the best ways to practice mindfulness, these six tips can go a long way to help.

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