March 9, 2021

3 Reasons Photographers Must Use TikTok to Showcase their Skills

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Do you have photography skills and thinking of highlighting them through social media apps? If so, TikTok is your best bet. When you can take great photos and shoot awesome videos, why not let the world know about your skills? You can create funny videos on TikTok and enjoy doing with it once you start using this video creation tool. If you think that TikTok is just for teens, posting weird videos, no it is not. If you have great photography, you can turn your passion into a profession by highlighting your work.

According to an article published on Shutterstock, TikTok is not for creating videos, you can build your audience and learn how this social media app work for photographers as well. You can create cool content, share stunning photographs on TikTok even if it is a video-based platform. Here are three reasons to use it to highlight your photography skills:

  1. TikTok is not about silly things and dancing alone

If you are new to TikTok, it is not easy to determine what the platform is all about, to be candid. You have not used the app so far and have seen videos people re-share on social media sites like Facebook, most of it you saw were jokes, pranks, or some silly videos. TikTok is a more dynamic platform than you think. If you take the For You Page, it is customized based on what you like. If you are a photographer, you can use this page to share behind-the-scenes shots from your photography sessions. You are free to share useful tips, a day in a photographer’s life, and other relevant content related to your profession to gain real TikTok followers.

  1. Grow your audience on other platforms

You may not like to become instantly famous on TikTok, but you can grow your follower count on Instagram, for example. TikTok helps you do just that. You might be wondering how that is possible. Well, TikTok makes it simpler for your fans to visit your Instagram account by adding the IG button directly on your profile. You can share TikTok videos that resonate well with your targeted audience. It piques the interest of those people who have a penchant for photography and they love to follow you on both Instagram and TikTok. It is as simple as that with no secrets, no hacks!

  1. The tikTok algorithm is great

You may have been using Instagram for some years and never managed to garner millions of views when it comes to your content. You can make this dream a reality if you are using TikTok and you can increase content views thrice that of Instagram.

As far as the TikTok algorithm is concerned, it is more about interest and not just popularity. If you share cool content, it has the possibility of garnering more views irrespective of the fact that whether you are new or experienced in using TikTok. When it comes to TikTok content, it will go viral quickly compared to other social media apps.

Now that you why TikTok is a great platform for photographers, plan your content and start sharing photos and videos to highlight your photography skills on this platform.

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