15 Top Affiliate Marketing Tools FOR BEGINNERS [Most Wanted]

Are you thinking about quitting your day job and becoming an affiliate marketer?

If yes, you’ll want to make sure you have the best affiliate marketing tools at your disposal. In this blog, we have listed the top 15 affiliate marketing tools for beginners.

Statistics show that 81% of marketers and 84% of brands are utilizing the power of affiliate marketing. The idea of affiliate marketing, in a nutshell, involves ditching the 9-5 routine job and making money in a more economical and fun way!

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is how an affiliate gets a commission for promoting the products of another individual or firm. They choose a product they like, advertise it, and get a cut of the profits from each sale. Affiliate connections from one website to another are used to track sales.

How to get started with affiliate marketing?

To begin affiliate marketing, you must first create a profitable affiliate program. To learn how to create a program, you can take an online digital marketing course. A course will give you a proper understanding of how affiliate marketing works.

For affiliates to join your program, you’ll need to establish specific rules and standards. You may also build and manage your affiliate program with affiliate marketing tools. Digital Scholar offers an online digital marketing course that will educate you on being a successful affiliate marketer and train you on affiliate marketing platforms.

The following tools will help affiliate marketers maximize optimization and make the most out of their experience.

#1 LeadDyno

You can create affiliate programs using LeadDyno, a simple-to-use platform that makes affiliate marketing easy Top affiliates and influencers who are seeking items similar to yours can be reached. As a result, you’ll be able to reach out to top affiliates and influencers who are looking for similar products like yours.

LeadDyno is one of the most efficient affiliate marketing tools for beginners.


  • 30 days free trial
  • Easy Setup
  • Track performance
  • Increase sales

Where can you buy it?

#2 Post Affiliate Pro

Starting with Post Affiliate Pro is easy for their clients since they offer a free integration service and give 24/7 customer assistance, according to their clients’ Because it allows you to design and administer your own affiliate program from the ground up, it is one of the affiliate marketing tools for beginners.


  • Fraud prevention
  • Precise tracking
  • Fully configurable commission structures

Where can you buy it?

#3 AnyTrack – Automate data

Measuring your success as a marketer is crucial to improving your campaign performance. It doesn’t matter if you’re using Google AdWords, Facebook, or SEO; analyzing your conversion statistics using analytics tools will offer you the actionable information required.

Using a single line of code, this affiliate marketing tool for beginners completely automates data gathering and syncs data throughout your marketing stack without the need for any coding. They provide FREE Affiliate Marketing Tools.


  • Automatically track any affiliate links
  • One-click integration with Google and Facebook Ads
  • Native integration with many popular affiliate networks

Where to buy it?

#4 Affise – Affiliate Marketing Tools for beginners

To help you build and maintain ties with your business partners, you can use these affiliate marketing platforms. Affiliate partners, influencers, marketing agencies, and other professional networks can be added to your network through performance-based marketing.

Ad campaigns can be fully automated using Affise, and data-driven decisions may be made. Your marketing initiatives will be more effective with this tool.


  • Easy-to-manage, configurable dashboards
  • Smart targeting
  • Insightful comparison reports

Where to buy it?

#5 Voluum – Track your ad campaigns

Voluum is an ad tracking tool built particularly for affiliate marketers which also provides FREE Affiliate Marketing Tools.

Voluum allows you to track all of your advertising campaigns, analyze data for insights, and enhance the success of your ads. Voluum is an affiliate marketing platform that works with almost all advertising traffic sources and includes pre-built templates for many platforms.


  • State of the art reporting tool
  • Real-time reporting

Where to buy it?

#6 Affjet – For performance analytics

AffJet makes affiliate marketing easier for you. You will receive information from over 100 affiliate networks on its dashboard and instantly discover the top achievers and underperformers.

All you have to do to get started with AffJet is add your affiliate networks and integrate your data into the dashboard. To find out what data is most essential for your business, you can apply filters, analyze trends, and create thorough reports that you can share with others or save for your own reference.


Through Affjet, you can

  • Demote poor performing links
  • Double down on missed opportunities
  • Boost commissions

Where to buy it?

#7 WhatRunsWhere – Ad spy tool

WhatRunsWhere ensures that every rupee spent on advertising is appropriately spent. This affiliate marketing software provides you with practical information regarding your digital strategy.

WhatRunsWhere gives you access to 60 million advertisements in seven countries. New data is delivered to you every day, allowing you to plan your plans with perfect precision.


  • Determine the best creatives in your market or specialty.
  • Easily find winning campaigns to help you develop your own plan.
  • With ad intelligence, you can discover new traffic sources and reach a wider audience.
  • Get access to best-in-class data from five of the principal online markets.
  • Keep up to date on the intricacies of your rivals’ display ad tactics.
  • Recognize significant trends in desktop, mobile, and native channels.

Where to buy it?

#8 Thirsty Affiliates – Link Cloaking

One of the FREE Affiliate Marketing Tools, Thirsty Affiliates, is an exciting affiliate marketing platform that allows bloggers to list themselves and make money. Thirsty Affiliates repairs faulty front-end links regularly. It also serves as a secondary destination for overseas clicks. As a result, marketers will find it easier to find active affiliates here.


  • Cloak affiliate links on WordPress for free
  • Autolink keywords
  • Smart unlocking
  • Google Analytics events
  • Automatic 404 checker

Where to buy it?

#9 ClickBank – Affiliate Marketing Tools for beginners

ClickBank is a well-known international retailer with its own affiliate network. ClickBank has over 200 million consumers by partnering with affiliates all around the world. Because of its ever-changing assortment of digital and physical items, affiliates choose ClickBank. ClickBank might be an excellent option if you’re seeking items to sell with proven payment history.

If you’re seeking reassurance, ClickBank claims to have never missed a payment in its 20-year history.


  • Sell with the marketplace
  • Shop for innovative products
  • Promote top-performing products, and
  • Provides a course for performance marketing

Where to buy it?

#10 Rebrandly – Link management platform

You’ve probably heard of link cloaking, which is what Rebrandly excels at for affiliates. Link cloaking is the process of hiding your affiliate ID and shortening your affiliate link URL, which is supplied by an affiliate network. Rebrandly makes it simple to design, measure, and manage short URLs with a custom domain name.

By hiding the affiliate ID and making the link more aesthetically appealing to visitors, you may secure your affiliate commissions.


  • Superior analytics
  • More tools
  • Additional customization, and
  • Less expensive.

Where to buy it?

#11 Mobile Monkey – Chatbot for affiliate marketing

The finest live chat software allows you to proactively connect with customers and prospects across different channels to increase revenue, create leads, and provide real-time assistance. Live chat paired with chatbot automation may be incredibly beneficial for affiliate marketers.


  • Omnichat technology
  • Use the live chat on different marketing channels
  • Qualify and generate leads
  • Increase engagement on Instagram
  • Build a sales chatbot

Where to buy it?

#12 Flippa – find domains

One issue that affiliate marketers frequently face is the necessity to create a new website from the ground up for each new product offering. This is not only time-consuming, but it also means you will have practically little SEO strength, which takes years to develop.

Flippa is a domain marketplace where affiliates may locate pre-existing domains for sale with a domain authority (DA) score that makes it difficult for customers to find your content.

Where to buy it?

#13 Refersion – Advanced affiliate marketing

Refersion is a sophisticated affiliate marketing platform that allows you to manage, track, and expand your network with ease. You may use your eCommerce platform to track any sales generated by your affiliates. This allows you to keep track of real-time conversions.

  • Unlimited commission structures
  • Automate commissions
  • Performance reports and analytics
  • Free trial of 14 days

Where to buy it?

#14 MaxBounty

MaxBounty is a well-known affiliate marketing platform that enables you to work with top affiliates on a cost-per-action basis.

The best aspect about this affiliate marketing platform is that you only pay when you get results, which means you only pay when you get a customer. MaxBounty is one of the most successful and profitable advertising networks as a result of this. You have access to a network of over 20K affiliates that can help you expand your reach and improve sales.

Where to buy it?

#15 Ambassador – All-in-one Referral software

Ambassador is one of the affiliate marketing platforms that is the greatest all-in-one referral software system available anywhere. You may use our affiliate marketing tool to find affiliates, influencers, employees, and other advocates with whom you wish to collaborate. Your referral program may be effectively optimized to increase your brand’s reach, recognition, and sales.


  • Omnichannel Capabilities
  • eCommerce Integrations
  • Custom Rewards
  • Onboarding Support
  • Multiple Campaigns
  • Email & CRM Integrations
  • Cash Payouts
  • Designated Success Coach

Where to buy it?


Your affiliate marketing will be more productive than ever before with these tools at your disposal. You can undertake training from India’s leading agency-style digital marketing institute in Chennai to teach you how to make money through affiliate marketing.

Keep this piece in mind when you choose your affiliate marketing tools to ensure you get the greatest results for your business.

Which tools do you use to help you with your affiliate marketing efforts? Please share your thoughts in the section below.

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