November 4, 2021

10 Stress Beating Tactics That You Should Know

We cannot stress how important it is to manage your stress enough. It is common nowadays to get overwhelmed with the activities you have going on in your day-to-day life. Your understanding of stress management helps you go through challenges without burning out. You might have a job, kids, parents to take care of, and many more responsibilities. You have to understand that these responsibilities may have different levels of management and distinct methods to handle each. There is no one size fits all technique to manage stress for everyone, but we have suggestions that you can implement.

Ten Stress beating tactics you should know

1. Kratom as a stress reliever

The naturally occurring leaves of the tropical Kratom plant are used as an alternative medicine for chronic pain and other conditions. Kratom went through review in 2017; from the study, Kratom had anti-inflammatory, immunity-enhancing, and appetite-suppressing effects. Kratom has unique products when it is taken at a lower or higher dosage. The lower dosage causes an energizing impact on its user, while the higher dose produces a soothing effect. You can choose to take Kratom at a low dose to give you the right energy to carry out your activities and take a higher amount, which helps you sleep at night.

You can consume Kratom in different forms, including capsules, tablets, gum, tinctures, and extracts. Kratom is still illegal in some countries worldwide, so you have to learn about it before purchasing; after confirming that you can legally use Kratom in your country, you should learn about Kratom product pricing.

2. What you eat matters

How often do you take time out to prepare yourself a satisfying, mouthwatering, and nutritious meal? Many forget to eat proper meals when stressed; they start to depend heavily on snacks that are neither filling on many occasions nor nutritious.  When you’re stressed, you should consider getting your food from a trusted foodservice because many snacks are sugary and fatty, which is not suitable for you. A balanced diet should be your priority. It consists of food items like vegetables, fruit, whole grains, and lean protein (i.e., consuming fish with very high levels of omega-3 fatty acid may help reduce many symptoms of stress).


3. How often do you exercise?

How do you feel after a vigorous exercise? You feel like your tense body muscles have finally found release, and your heart beats fast. Now, this is a perfect way to relieve stress because exercise relaxes your body and mind simultaneously. You have to keep it constant, don’t do it once and forget it; you should make it a regular. How frequently should you exercise? It depends on the intensity of the exercise and how much time you can give to exercise realistically.

4. Use your distractions to your advantage

There are many levels of stress and pressure. What do you do when you are overwhelmed by all the activities you have to do; in a situation where you can’t think? Consider your distractions this time. If you love reading novels during your free time you should consider it while you are stressed. Your distractions would help you through this time. If you like talking to people and making new friends, you should go out to a party or hang out to distract yourself. It is advisable to do this if there is time and you don’t have any urgent deadlines to meet. If you do have urgent situations consider the following tactics:

  • Suppose you have an urgent problem to solve at work. Pitch the challenge to five people you trust when solving problems; you will get solutions faster.
  • If you have several deadlines, see if you can take an excuse at some and do the rest on time.


5. Voice your problems

What are the things you discovered that are stressing you out? You may talk to anyone you trust; as humans, we have different ways to voice our issues. Many disclose the problem to their friends, families, doctor, trusted cleric, Therapists, or themselves (I.e., self-talk). Self-talk is practical when you have no one else to converse with within very urgent situations. You have to confide in yourself and trust yourself more than anything else. For self-talk to work, you have to choose the cheerful voice in your head over the negative. You have to repeat statements like ‘I CAN DO IT’ because why not.

6. Evaluate your life

Have you ever sat down to analyze the cause of stress in your life critically? As humans, we tend to find solutions to problems that may bug us on instinct, but sometimes, we adapt to this situation and do nothing about it. Identify the leading cause of stress in your life. Is your workplace toxic? Maybe it is time to look for another job, but you should find one before leaving the current one. This depends on the intensity of the toxicity; if it is something you cannot bear anymore, you should go as soon as you can.

7. Rest

We cannot overemphasize how important rest and sleep are to the entire stress management process. Lack of sleep plays a huge role in stress; many things are affected once you don’t get sleep. Your body may lack proper blood and nutrient circulation; you may lose focus even at your work. Sleep is recommended for 6-8 hours; try to rest for this amount of time daily.


8. Meditation

You must have seen how Buddhists consciously take deep breaths during their meditation. Meditation is a very significant way to release stress, and it is not a cliche. Learn how to meditate like a pro here; remember that it would only take a few minutes of your time, and it will be worth it.

9. Laugh

When last did you have a good laugh? The endorphins produced in the brain during laughter improve mood and may decrease the production of stress-causing hormones cortisol and adrenaline.

10. Gratitude

Start your day with ten things to be grateful for. No matter how small you may think it is, there are things you should be thankful for.


Whether you have chosen to take Kratom, exercise, take a balanced diet, distract yourself, show gratitude, have a good laugh, voice your problems, rest, evaluate your situation or meditate when stressed; you should never forget that there is no one size fits all for every situation you find yourself in. Therefore you have to evaluate your life and find solutions to stress constantly.

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